Add one basket of bread sticks to your salad selection for only $1.99 more.
Additional baskets will be charged full price. *Chicken breast + $2.99 / 6 shrimp + $6.99
                                                                        Value            Small         Medium        Large
                                                                        serves 1              serves 1-2      serves 4-6          serves 8-10
Famous Greek Salad                          6.99           8.79         15.29        18.79
Feta cheese, Calamata Olives,
Fresh greens, tomato, cucumber,
Red onions, beets.
Antipasto Salad                                  6.99          8.79         15.29         18.79
Fresh greens, tomato, cucumber,
Red onions, beets, ham, salami,
Cheddar & mozzarella cheese.
Caesar                                                 5.59          7.79         13.29         16.59
Fresh Romaine hearts, shredded
Parmesan, croutons.            
Tossed Salad                                       5.59          7.79         13.29         16.59
Fresh greens, tomato, cucumber,
Red onion, croutons.
Michigan Cherry         
Tomato, red onion, dried Michigan cherries, walnuts, and bleu cheese crumbles
on a bed of spring mix   10.99  
Grilled chicken, ham, avocado, cucumber, mozzarella cheese, tomato, hard-boiled egg,
bacon, on a bed of fresh greens   12.99
Dressing Choices:
House (Greek), Ranch, Catalina, 1000 Island, Caesar, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Poppyseed, Bleu Cheese, Fat Free Ranch, Vinegar & Oil,
Fat-free French, Honey Mustard

Prices may vary and are subject to change.

*Groups of 8 or more will have 18% gratuity added to the check.


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